The meaning of Grace the Space

Grace (verb) bring honor or credit to something by one’s attendance or participation

(noun) smoothness and elegance of movement

Space (noun) a continuous area or expanse which is free, available or unoccupied

(noun) an interval of time

For me, yoga offers an opportunity to break away from the ties in day to day life, such as work, home, family & friends, travel or commuting to return to my true self, my essence. It is here that I discover what is really happening in my body and mind and how this manifests in my life, which can be uncomfortable and tense or sweet and restorative or all at the same time! Each time it is different but each time I leave feeling more spacious, clear and relaxed. This time for myself is vital and the effects ripple out into the rest of my life and relationships.

Grace the Space is an offering of time and space. Time for you to cultivate time for you. Space in the body and mind through mindful and connected movement.

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